Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Helping people rebuild their lives.

Having retired from my position as manager of the Addiction Treatment Program at the Priory Chelmsford I now help people in Essex and Suffolk on an individual basis offering personal therapy for many problems.

Personal therapy for
many problems.


Drug abuse

Alcohol abuse & Alcoholism

Gambling problems

Eating disorders

Self esteem


Bereavement counseling


As a personal therapist, Anna has helped many people overcome depression, bereavement, drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

“Through her patience, tolerance, compassion and practical experience, Anna was able to demonstrate that my life needn’t be as it had become.”


“Without Anna’s skills, advice and counsel I am sure I would be dead.”


“Anna was professional, direct and honest and I trusted her completely and still do. Today I lead a healthy happy fulfilled life.”


“I did not realise just how deep I was in my depressive hole, which nearly cost me my wife and my life. Anna got them both back for me.”


Helping People Recover From Addiction

I use various therapies which work by helping the client to identify and ultimately resolve their problems through the psychotherapeutic process.

Inner child work using Eriksonian hypnosis.

I work with an integrative model which involves using the various different psychotherapeutic approaches, whichever seems to be of most help to the client.

From time to time I may refer or collaborate with trusted colleagues.

My aim is to help people recover from addiction and help them lead happy and fulfilling lives.

My Experience In Therapy.

I worked at the Priory Hospital Chelmsford for almost 12 years, first as a counselling therapist in the Addiction Treatment Programme, becoming the senior therapist and then ultimately manager of the unit. Despite taking on more senior roles within the unit the wellbeing of my patients has always been my prime concern and I have been rewarded by being a part of the recovery of a great many people with drug and alcohol problems.

After retiring from the Priory I started helping people in Essex and Suffolk on an individual basis offering therapy for many problems including addiction, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and alcoholism, gambling problems, eating disorders, self-esteem, depression and bereavement.

Potential Clients must be over 18.

Qualifications: BA(Hons); Diploma in Counselling; Member of The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals.

Personal Therapist In Essex And Suffolk.

Location: My consulting room is in Earls Colne.

Approximately 10 miles from Colchester, Essex, 20 miles from Chelmsford, Essex,  and 24 miles from Ipswich, Suffolk.

When: Most days by arrangement.

Telephone: 07977 708783